Labor and Workplace Studies Minor

Minor LogoThe Labor and Workplace Studies (LBR&WS) minor offers UCLA undergraduates an opportunity to learn about the workplace and the social, political, and economic forces that influence it. The minor places emphasis on the labor market, public policy, employment relations, unions, and working-class movements. It also explores issues of race, class, and gender in the workplace. This interdisciplinary approach offers students an in-depth understanding of a broad array of issues related to labor and the workplace. The minor helps prepare students for a variety of careers, including labor relations, human resource management, law, domestic and international government work, worker organizing, and economic forecasting.

To enter the minor, students must be in good academic standing (2.0 grade-point average or better), have completed 45 units, and meet with the minor coordinator. Students are encouraged to meet early with the minor coordinator to declare the minor and design a coherent program of coursework.

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Students must complete a minimum of 28 units from the approved courses, with no more than 8 units of lower division classes and no more than 8 units of courses applied toward a major or another minor. All minor courses must be taken for a letter grade, with a minimum grade of C (2.0) in each and an overall C average.

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Labor and Workplace Studies Minor Scores High with Seniors

In the 2013 UCLA College Senior Survey, 100 percent of seniors in the Labor and Workplace Studies Minor said they were "satisfied" or "very satisfied" with the curriculum and faculty, a score significantly above the college average and tied only by the Chicana/o Studies Department. In addition to the 100% satisfaction with the overall academic experience, students were overwhelmingly satisfied with the level of challenge in the courses, accessibility of faculty, and course availability. No single category received a satisfaction rating of lower than 94%. In the words of one student, Kassy Saeppunh, "the minor has opened my mind and my horizons, allowing me to see the relevance of my education and also to understand how I can use my education to make a real impact on others." Click here to see more detailed survey results.

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