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The mission of the Los Angeles Black Worker Center (BWC) is to increase access to quality jobs, reduce employment discrimination, and improve industries that employ Black workers. The center seeks to promote economic and racial justice, peace, and prosperity for all of Los Angeles by developing policies and corporate practices that perpetuate equality in the labor market and end inferior jobs in the Black community.

The BWC develops organized power and authentic grassroots leadership among Black workers (unionized, nonunion, immigrant, formerly incarcerated, and the unemployed) and the extended community to reverse the disproportionate levels of unemployment and underemployment in the Los Angeles Black community. The center’s key strategies are: leadership development of workers, research, and building strategic alliances between the Los Angeles labor movement and the Black community.

Blacks in ConstructionBlacks in Construction

The Los Angeles Black Worker Center promotes solidarity, unity, and strength within the building and construction trades through increased diversity, understanding, and collaboration. The center actively promotes and endorses Project Labor Agreements and Construction Careers Policy to set a standard for good jobs in the community and ensure dignity and respect for all of its members. Blacks in Construction is focused on building access and retention of Black workers in the regulated construction industry.

Black Worker Rights

Working people in America have basic legal rights to safe, healthy workplaces that are free from discrimination. The Los Angeles Black Worker Center develops organized power and grassroots leadership with projects like the Worker Justice Action Committee, Worker Justice University, and the Legal Advisory Committee, to strengthen protections in the workplace.

Black Space

Black Space is cultural, educational, and affirming space for workers to build relationships and trust, and to develop a vision for who we are and what we believe through discussions that strengthen personal relationships and identity. In collaboration with the National Black Space Project, the Los Angeles Black Worker Center is a power-building space, a healing space, and community-building space.

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