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Emergency Medical Services in California: Wages, Working Conditions, and Industry Profile


New study shows that EMS workers’ wages are low and stagnating and the jobs are dangerous, with high rates of mortality, injury, mental and physical trauma.

Juggling Time: Young Workers and Scheduling Practices in the Los Angeles Service Sector


Young workers are a vibrant and critical part of the Los Angeles County service economy. Expanding on the findings of the I am a #YOUNGWORKER report, this report finds that young workers experience erratic scheduling practices, such as unpredictable schedules, lack of advance notice, lack of input, and on-call scheduling.

Dirty Threads, Dangerous Factories: Health and Safety in Los Angeles’ Fashion Industry


Los Angeles houses the largest cut and sew apparel base in the U.S. and is the center of the country’s garment manufacturing industry.
This report provides insights into the health, safety and environmental conditions of these garment factories. The report was based upon 307 surveys with garment workers in 2015.

Immigrant Youth in the Silicon Valley: Together We Rise


This report intends to understand the experience of undocumented youth in the Silicon Valley. While previous studies have found that immigrant communities face low wages and difficulties in accessing affordable housing, this study presents key statistics about educational and employment prospects for immigrant youth residing in this region.

Undocumented and Uninsured Part 4: The Power of a Healthy Community


Undocumented youth counter the negative effects of being undocumented by making life choices that protect their emotional and physical health.

Profile, Practices and Needs of California’s Domestic Work Employers


The first statewide study of California’s domestic work employers, this report explores who domestic work employers are. Based on 501 randomly-dialed phone surveys throughout the state, this study provides demographic and household details, as well as an understanding of the employment practices and needs of domestic employers.

Get to Work or Go To Jail


This report explores the ways in which the criminal justice system can also lock workers on probation, parole, facing court-ordered debt, or child support debt into bad jobs. Because these workers face the threat of incarceration for unemployment, the report finds that they cannot afford to refuse a job, quit a job, or to challenge their employers.

Get Healthy, California!


This resource guide provides a list of affordable healthcare options in the state that provide services to undocumented Californians.

Conveying Carwash Owner’s Stories


“Conveying Carwash Owners’ Stories: Competition, Diversity and Growth in the Southern California Carwash Industry,” a study- the first of its kind, provides an introduction to the industry, its owners, and the opportunities for this industry in Southern California.

Your Liberation Is Linked to Ours


In this study, David Bacon focuses on five global campaigns: the PKC Maquiladora in Ciudad Acuña; the “El Super” Campaign in Los Angeles and Mexico City; the Cananea Mine in Sonora, Mexico; farmworker strikes in San Quintin, Baja California; and the Sakuma Farms/Driscoll growers in Washington State.



Young people work to live, not to play. Study that reveals precarious conditions young workers experience in Los Angeles.

Young Workers in Los Angeles: A Snapshot


Young Workers in Los Angeles: A Snapshot analyzes census data on young people between the ages of 18 and 29 working across Los Angeles County.

Central American Resource Guide


This is a resource guide created in order to support Central American immigrant families and inform them of their legal rights, educate them on health and security, as well as feature places where they can enjoy free recreational activities.

Strategies for Economic Survival: A Labor and Employment Assessment of Westlake and Pico-Union


This report, conducted by Community Scholars, aims to understand economic survival strategies of the predominantly Latino immigrant community living in the Westlake and Pico-Union neighborhoods.

Searching for Home: A Snapshot of Immigrant Renters in Westlake/Pico Union


This report, conducted by Community Scholars, provides a snapshot of renter conditions and housing supply in the Westlake and Pico Union area. It explores basic demographics of the area, current renter conditions, and housing stock.

Pop-Up Public Health Fair: A Toolkit for MacArthur Park


From the UCLA Community Scholars program, this report is a step-by-step manual on how to organize a health fair and other related public events in and around MacArthur Park.

Stitching Together a Story: Workshop and Classroom Guide


This guide is a companion to Re:Work radio’s episode Los Callejones, which provides a framework for workshops and classrooms to build storytelling skills while learning about the issues related to the garment industry.

Policy Brief: Ridesharing or Ridestealing?


This policy brief analyzes Los Angeles Department of Transportation taxi meter data from 2009 to 2014. The findings describe the economic impact of companies like Uber and Lyft on Los Angeles’s taxi industry.

Building a Movement Together: Workers Centers and Labor Union Affiliations


Through interviews and surveys with worker centers and union leadership, this report evaluates the affiliation process and establishes recommendations for the AFL-CIO on how to expand and strengthen them.

Undocumented and Uninsured Part 3: Pol[ice] in my Head


Undocumented youth live with exclusion from health services and fear of deportation, both of which cause and aggravate trauma. Drawing from a statewide survey of 550 undocumented and “DACAmented” Californians, this report examines how deportation impacts the mental health of undocumented youth.

Hanging by a Thread! Los Angeles Garment Workers’ Struggle to Access Quality Care for their Children


The report documents findings from a worker-led study, in which Garment Worker Center members, and student supporters, conducted a survey with local garment workers about their child care needs and the barriers they encounter. 

Currículo para las Trabajadoras del Hogar


Nuestros Derechos como Trabajadoras del Hogar: Educación Popular para un Cambio Laboral is a popular education curriculum for domestic workers who are seeking to organize and know their rights.

Los Angeles Rising: A City That Works for Everyone


A report from the Economic Roundtable, the UCLA Labor Center, and the UCLA Institute for Research on Labor and Employment assesses the benefits and consequences of raising Los Angeles’s minimum wage to $15.25.

The State of Labor 20 Years after NAFTA


A report by David Bacon on the perspectives of labor leaders from Mexico, the United States, and Canada on international solidarity and the future of labor.

El Estado Laboral 20 Años Después del TLCAN


Un reporte por David Bacon que destaca las perspectivas de líderes laborales de México, Estados Unidos, y Canadá sobre el futuro del trabajo.

Health Impact Assessment of the Proposed Los Angeles Wage Theft Ordinance


Human Impact Partners examines the health impact of wage theft in the city of Los Angeles. A partnership with the Los Angeles Coalition Against Wage Theft.

Orange County on the Cusp of Change


This reports explores the demographic, economic and political changes happening in Orange County.

Juntas de Conciliación y Arbitraje en México


This document seeks to analyze the role that the Conciliation and Arbitration (JCyA) play in the control system of the working class. For this purpose briefly examines the history of the relationship between the Mexican state and the working class, to shed light on the various forms of control over the class at different stages also considered within this time dimension some characteristics of the formation Power in Mexico

ABA Commission on Hispanic Legal Rights and Responsibilities


Low-wage workers experience labor violations regardless of their occupation or industry work. Therefore, this research project conducted by the wage theft report identifies policy efforts that would improve the conditions of low-wage workers.

Building a Culture of Cross-Border Solidarity


The interests of workers in the U.S. and Mexico are tied together. This report discusses and questions how solidarity between these two countries can and do function.

Integrated Organizing Approach as a Tool in the Fight for Workers Rights: The Case of Sara Lee Workers


The Integrated Organizing Approach (IOA) is an organizing method for low-wage workers engaged in struggles against multinational corporations. The case presented in this study demonstrates how the IOA can be a substantial asset for an organization in the design and execution of successful campaign strategies.

Exploring Targeted Hire: An Assessment of Best Practices in the Construction Industry


A comparative study of targeted hire initiatives based on 14 in-depth case studies of project labor agreements and ordinances, as well as a scan of 20 examples of other targeted hire initiatives.

Undocumented and Uninsured Part 2: Band-Aid Care


When undocumented Californians do seek medical attention, the types of care available are Band-Aid options—basic services that provide a quick-fix or temporary remedy but do not address preventative, long-term, or sustainable health needs. These limited public programs are often the only option for uninsured Californians.

Undocumented and Uninsured Part 1: No Papers, No Health Care


Undocumented and Uninsured is the first study about and by immigrant youth on health care access. Researchers surveyed 550 immigrant youth throughout California.

Hollow Victories: The Crisis in Collecting Unpaid Wages for California’s Workers


This report examines the challenges that workers have in recovering their hard-earned wages after winning a judgement in a wage theft case.

Left Behind: The Impact of Secession on Low-Income Residents and Workers in the San Fernando Valley and Hollywood


This study looks specifically at what could happen to the low-income residents of the Valley and Hollywood, and the public employees who currently serve those areas if the Valley and Hollywood secede from Los Angeles.

Project Labor Agreements in Los Angeles: The Example of the Los Angeles Unified School District


This Research & Policy Brief draws on a larger report published by the UCLA Labor Center’s California Construction Academy to discuss the role of PLAs or PSAs in creating high‐road construction industry employment and whether the LAUSD met the goals laid out in its PSA.

Diversity and Change: Asian American and Pacific Islander Workers


In this report, we provide a statistical overview of the AAPI workforce in the United States. Wage inequality has been increasing within the AAPI workforce at an even faster rate than in the rest of the economy.

Loncheras: A Look at the Stationary Food Trucks of Los Angeles


Loncheras, or stationary food trucks, are predominantly microenterprises owned and operated by Latino families in their own neighborhoods, contributing to their communities’ economic development by keeping profits local.

Breaking Ground, Breaking Silence: Report from the First National Asian Pacific American Workers’ Rights Hearing


Breaking Ground, Breaking Silence documents findings from the first National Asian Pacific American Workers’ Rights Hearing, a historic gathering of over 200 Asian American and Pacific Islander trade unionists and community allies.

Wage Theft and Workplace Violations in Los Angeles


This report focuses on the results of a survey of more than 4,000 workers in low-wage industries. Among its findings, every week in Los Angeles low-wage workers lose $26.2 million dollars in wage theft violations.

Green Buildings, Good Jobs, Safe Jobs: Social Justice Pathways to a Sustainable Los Angeles


On April 8, 2009, Los Angeles City Council passed an ordinance establishing a Green Retrofit and Workforce Program. This report explores how to effectively implement it.

Broken Laws, Unprotected Workers


A landmark survey of 4,387 workers in low-wage industries in the three largest U.S. cities—Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York City. The first national study on wage theft.

Helping LA Grow Together: Why the Community Redevelopment Agency Should Adopt the Construction Careers Policy


The Los Angeles Community Redevelopment Agency is taking a leadership role in trying to link the know-how of the building trades to an effort to create career opportunities for low income residents.

Undocumented Students: Unfulfilled Dreams


On May 19, 2007, the UCLA Center for Labor Research and Education convened a hearing and conference on undocumented students about the pending California Dream Act (SB 65). This report highlights the testimonies of perseverance and hope presented by the students at the hearing.

Summary Report: Asian Pacific Islander Workers Hearing


In 2002, the first ever California State Assembly Hearing on Asian Pacific Islander Workers brought together Asian Pacific Islander workers and advocates from all over California. This report synthesizes the issues and recommendations for workers, advocates, legislators, and communities.