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Garment workers, restaurant workers, domestic workers, and day laborers do the essential work that makes this country run. Re:Work Institute for Worker Justice believes the future of the US economy depends on safe, dignified, quality jobs for its most vulnerable workers.

Every day we conduct cutting-edge research and forge dynamic partnerships between worker centers and unions. Re:Work employs the principles of research justice– recognizing students, workers and community members as experts, promoting equal access to information, and using research as a tool for action. Our work:

  • Research. Re:Work conducts applied, community-led, and policy research. We work with community partners and workers to build their research skills to document key trends in low-wage industries. We conduct rigorous research and analysis on workplace standards and wage enforcement to keep employers accountable to labor laws.
  • Capacity Building. We provide technical assistance to build and support worker centers across industries. Re:Work develops and facilitates worker rights trainings, develops popular education trainings and curricula, and facilitates worker center-union partnerships.
  • Student Engagement. We engage students through internships and hands-on research projects. The landmark Community Scholars class brings together UCLA graduate students and local leaders to tackle timely issues.
  • Partnerships/Alliances. We build partnerships across research, community, labor and government partners to help leaders take action on key workplace issues.

New Report! Ready to Work, Uprooting Inequity: Black Workers in Los Angeles County

New Report! Ready to Work, Uprooting Inequity: Black Workers in Los Angeles County

As a result of a lack of economic opportunities, widening inequality, and rising housing costs, the Black community in Los Angeles is experiencing a jobs crisis. This report looks at the experience of the Black community in Los Angeles through a labor and employment lens. It details how the lack of access to quality jobs is adversely impacting the community and draws a portrait of the challenges that Black workers in Los Angeles face
Community Theater Classes

Community Theater Classes

Share this page The UCLA Labor Center will be hosting a community theater project in the spring, Laugh Out Loud!,