UCLA Labor Center

2019 Community Scholars Explore Sanctuary and Faith in L.A.

Publish date: February 28, 2019


Beginning in January of this year, the UCLA Community Scholars program kicked off  Sanctuary & Faith: Best Practices of Sanctuary and Emerging: Multi-Faith Models in Los Angeles (Labor & Workplace Studies 194B). The course brings together graduate students, undergraduate students, religious activists, and community organizers who are interested in working together on a six-month participatory research project on the multi-sectoral Sanctuary Movement.

This course examines the contemporary Sanctuary Movement in Los Angeles and is jointly sponsored by Labor Studies and the Department of Chicana/o Studies. Students will explore emerging multi-faith models of the Sanctuary Movement, best practices, and the changing landscape of Sanctuary law and policy. The final project will conclude with a policy report on local, state, and federal sanctuary laws and multi-layered policy recommendations for sanctuary; popular education materials for community activist organizations and multi-faith religious congregations; and interviews of multi-faith religious leaders on their theological interpretations of sanctuary which will be included in an upcoming book published by the UCLA Labor Center.

This class is taught by Dr. Robert Chao Romero and Rev. Francisco Garcia. Kendy Rivera is the teaching assistant.