UCLA Labor Center

A Compassionate & Visionary Leader: Diego Sepúlveda

                      Diego Sepúlveda

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to Diego Sepúlveda who has been an exceptional, compassionate, and visionary leader for the Dream Resource Center (DRC) and UCLA Labor Center. We also would like to congratulate Diego on his new position within Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign! Unfortunately, Diego will be leaving his current position as the Director of the Dream Resource Center to join Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign. Although today is Diego’s last day and we are sad to see him go, we know that he will always be a part of the Dream Resource Center and UCLA Labor Center family. 

We are very grateful to have had the privilege to work alongside Diego⏤who is a relentless advocate for justice⏤for almost five years. Diego has contributed so much to the success of the DRC since he was initially hired, in 2015, to build and strengthen the DRC’s Alumni Network. He developed a comprehensive database of alumni, launched the alumni network council, and in 2016 coordinated a national alumni convening in Los Angeles. In 2017, Diego led Dream Summer which is the DRC’s national fellowship program that has provided close to 700 fellowship opportunities to immigrant youth and allies and has partnered with over 250 social justice organizations across the country. 

Diego with DRC staff members.

That same year, Diego became the Director of the Dream Resource Center after an open application and selection process. As the Director, Diego helped secure over $1.5 million to support the DRC’s execution of existing projects and launch of new programs, such as the Immigrant Justice Fellowship. Thanks to Diego and all DRC team members, the DRC is strategically placed to continue its leadership development, policy, education, and research work as it prepares to celebrate a decade of immigrant youth leadership in 2020. The DRC will continue to be a pioneer for bold, innovative, and visionary immigrant youth leadership development. 

We would like to thank Diego, one last time, for his major contributions to the success of the DRC and congratulate him on his new journey! Finally, we would like to leave you all with the following words from Diego: 

“The UCLA Labor Center and Dream Resource Center have been my home for almost five years. They have provided me with mentorship, leadership development, and a national network of leaders who work every day to create a better future for us all. It has been an honor to work at the intersection of immigrant rights and labor while simultaneously uplifting LGBTQ-identified individuals, women, and people of color. I am a wiser, stronger, and more strategic leader because of the passionate people I have gotten to work with and the work I have engaged with. 

I thank the UCLA Labor Center team and our partners for believing and fighting for a better future. I am especially thankful to the DRC teamGeorge, Kandice, Leticia, Mayra, and Silvia for always going above and beyond for our communities. I know that our world is a better one because of you. I love you all. Keep rocking and I know the DRC will continue its powerful work under your leadership.”

“I’ll be Dreaming Big, Fighting Hard, and Living Proud!” ⏤  Diego Sepúlveda

The application process for the position as the Director of the Dream Resource Center is not open yet, but we will make an announcement when the position is posted.