UCLA Labor Center

Reserve a Meeting Room

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Use Our Space

The UCLA Labor Center believes that a public university belongs to the people and should advance quality education and employment for all. Every day we bring together workers, students, faculty, and policymakers to address the most critical issues facing working people today. Toward this goal, nonprofit and community organizations may reserve the Downtown Labor Center meeting spaces at no cost.

Meeting Rooms

Conference Room (max occupancy 20)

Weekday Business Hours (M-F 8:00 am-4:00 pm)
Weekday Evenings (M-F 4:00-8:00 pm)
Weekends (No later than 8:00 pm)



Main Space (max occupancy 75)

Weekday Business Hours (M-F 8:00 am-4:00 pm)
Weekday Evenings (M-F 4:00-8:00 pm)
Weekends (No later than 8:00 pm)



Requirements for Meetings Not Sponsored by the Labor Center

  • Labor Center staff member who will vouch for the group
  • Certificate of Insurance

We Do Not Permit

Private company usage, political fundraising events, lobbying, events where fees are assessed, onsite childcare, unsupervised minors, or events where alcoholic beverages are served.


  1. Staffing: The Labor Center is unable to provide staffing support for meetings and events.
  2. Parking: See area parking information. (No private lot access.)
  3. Meeting Supplies: Please bring your own supplies.
  4. Computer Access: The Labor Center does not have extra computers or printer access.
  5. AV Equipment: Only Labor Center staff may check out AV equipment; if no staff person is included in your meeting/event, please bring your own equipment.
  6. Facility Access: Please limit your access to the reserved space and restrooms only; please do not allow participants to enter other work areas.
  7. Minors: All children must be supervised; no childcare is allowed onsite.
  8. Noise Policy:
    1. Amplified music is allowed during non-business hours only.
    2. For any other amplified sound during business hours, please provide 24-hour notice, so Labor Center staff can make alternative work arrangements if necessary.
  9. Animals: No animals are allowed other than guide, signal, and service dogs used by disabled persons (as defined by California Civil Code § 54.1), and in accordance with the California Health and Safety Code.