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The UCLA Labor Center offers opportunities for people who are passionate about advancing social justice initiatives that address the most critical issues facing working communities today.


Staff Director

The Labor Center Assistant to the Director will work with the Director and Project Directors to develop and implement effective management, supervisorial, and organizational structures and to determine Labor Center programmatic staffing needs and priorities. The Assistant to the Director will directly supervise 10?20 Downtown Labor Center programmatic staff: oversee and conduct recruitment and onboarding; evaluate and monitor workplans; review, develop, and implement 360 evaluation processes; conduct UCLA performance evaluations; and review all overtime requests and authorize as needed.

In addition, the Assistant to the Director will keep the Director informed of staff morale and drive systems and processes that create a positive staff culture; evaluate and update job descriptions; review salary equity and classifications and determine promotion and salary increase needs; develop and implement staff development system; engage in active planning with staff on future career development; resolve ad hoc supervisory challenges that arise; and determine student staffing needs and manage student staffing processes.

The Assistant to the Director will participate on the Labor Center Steering Committee and work with the Director and Project Directors to ensure smooth and consistent communication to staff from the Steering Committee and vice versa; oversee the Labor Center’s strategic planning process and implementation plans; work with the Director and Project Directors to assess and refine the center’s long- and short-term strategies and goals; monitor and review the Labor Center’s overall budget and personnel budgets to be able to present this information to the Steering Committee to make informed decisions regarding staffing and program expenditures; oversee the Downtown Labor Center capital campaign; evaluate infrastructure for Downtown Labor Center and oversee upgrades and modifications; manage Steering Committee, Leadership Team, Organizational Culture Committee, and All-Staff meetings; attend project meetings to stay informed on project staffing needs and deliverables; develop systems to strengthen staff collaboration, especially in the areas of research, development, and student engagement; develop and oversee cross-project staff collaborations and ensure that cross-project teams have clearly defined roles, goals, and systems for managing the work effectively; and ensure smooth communication and coordination across projects.

The Assistant to the Director will work under the general supervision of the Labor Center Director and under the guidance of the Departmental Chief Administrative Officer, in conjunction with the IRLE Human Resources Team.


Dream Summer Program Manager

The Program Representative III is responsible for overseeing the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the Dream Resource Center’s Dream Summer Program.

The Program Representative oversees project planning and budget development and management, provides leadership and facilitates effective teamwork among project staff, represents the Dream Resource Center (DRC) and the project at external events, serves as liaison with project funders and oversees fundraising efforts, develops project grant applications and reports, and evaluates and reports on project effectiveness.

The Program Representative also oversees project implementation, including developing outreach strategy and tracking benchmarks, building strategic partnerships for the program, developing media strategy to promote the program, reviewing and selecting participants, facilitating training sessions, direct training and mentoring of participants and volunteers, managing participant engagement in external training conferences and events, connecting participants to mentors and other resources, and engaging DRC program alumni to participate in the project.

Finally, the Program Representative oversees the Dream Resource Center’s multimedia art exhibit, including organizing local exhibit events and regional and national tours and overseeing social and traditional media outreach for events. The Program Representative develops educational curricula and implements educational events to accompany the exhibits, conducts outreach to partners and foundations to seek external funding for exhibit programming, manages partner relationships, and trains docents and students in exhibit curation.

The Program Representative is part of the larger Dream Resource Center team and participates in the management and implementation of other DRC activities.

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