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Apply for 2018 Community Scholars Program

Photo Courtesy of 2018 Community Scholars Program.

Community Scholars is a joint program of the UCLA Department of Urban Planning, the UCLA Labor Center and the Institute for Research on Labor & Employment that provides advocates, community developers and organizers an opportunity to work on a unique applied research project that furthers the goals of the progressive community development in Los Angeles. Community Scholars work with graduate students to address an important policy challenge and formulate a response that furthers a social justice agenda. This year, Community Scholars will work alongside UCLA Urban Planning graduate students and provide research for the Community Development Project of Public Counsel.

The 2018 Program

The program will begin as several housing bills were signed by Governor Jerry Brown into law in an effort to control California’s housing crisis. These new laws declare important changes but the impact of these changes remains unclear. Students and community scholars will analyze the new legislation and its potential impact. Participants will collect data and information through interviews and surveys, compare with similar statutes in other states, complete any necessary data analysis, and prepare implementation scenarios. This year’s Community Scholars program will allow advocates, developers, and organizations committed to affordable housing to intervene quickly and efficiently as new laws are implemented in late 2018 and beyond.

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The Community Scholars program welcomes passionate community advocates and activists!

Application, calendar, and schedule:  Community Scholars Application 2018

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