UCLA Labor Center

Citlalli Chávez-Nava

Senior Media Relations Manager

Phone: (310) 562-0943

Citlalli is a Senior Media Relations Manager at the UCLA Labor Center and the UCLA Institute for Research on Labor and Employment. Citlalli has over 12 years of experience in working for labor organizations; she has dedicated the majority of those years to cultivating the media, communications and editorial strategies for these organizations. Citlalli developed her love for storytelling, newspapers and magazines at a very young age thanks to her father. She is passionate about lifting up the voices and stories of those living and working in neighborhoods and spaces that are often overlooked. When she’s not reading the news or writing, you can find her exploring nature with her toddler. Citlalli holds degrees in multimedia journalism, Latin American studies and political science. Currently, she’s pursuing a masters degree in arts journalism at USC’s Annenberg School for Communications and Journalism.