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Community Scholars Program Wins UCLA Landmark Award

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We are happy to announce that the UCLA Community Scholars Program has been selected by UCLA to receive the 2016 Landmark Award, which recognizes UCLA community programs that have made a significant impact in the communities they serve.

A joint initiative of the UCLA Labor Center and the Department of Urban Planning, Community Scholars highlights the important role that community and labor leaders play in shaping development policy in Los Angeles. By bringing together labor and community leaders with urban planning graduate students to study a single issue in depth for two quarters each year, the class provides a forum for students to develop and further the skills to influence policy in the city.

The Community Scholars Program offers an opportunity for community and labor leaders, regardless of their educational background, to participate in an applied research project. The project culminates each year in a unique product designed by the scholars and students.

For 25 years, the UCLA Community Scholars have worked to improve LA’s economic and environmental sustainability. The program was honored at the 2016 UCLA in Downtown LA reception held at City Hall on October 13, 2016.

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