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Dream Summer Alumni: Spotlight & Highlights

Dream Summer Alumni Spotlight

#DSAlumni Hareth Andrade

hareth - ds alumni spotlight

Hareth Andrade is a fearless immigrant rights activist and poet fighting against the mass deportation and separation of families. In 2012, Hareth launched a national campaign to stop the deportation of her father, collecting more than 5,000 signatures in support of her efforts. She is the founder of the student organization, Dreamers of Virginia, and co-founder of The Dream Project, through which…. continue reading here.


SEIU Video Highlights Work of Dream Summer Alumni

Featuring #DSAlumni: Paola Tirado, Jack Suria Linares, Amy Yu, Claudia Rueda

Dream Summer, Labor Cohort, 2015

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Video Highlights HealthyCA Cohort Alumni in the Arvin Community

Featuring #DSAlumni: Elvia Rios and Daniela Guerrero

Dream Summer, HealthyCA Cohort, 2015

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#DSAlumni Amy Yu Leads Petition at University of California, Irvine

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Amy led the petition to stop U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) from participating in the Fall Career Fair scheduled on Thursday, October 22nd at UC Irvine. The administration at UC Irvine stood by their decision to invite CBP to campus; however, CBP withdrew from the career fair because of the petition and community support. Amy’s response to LA Times article on victory: In Response to LA Times by Amy Yu

#DSAlumni Emilio Vicente Live-streams from North Carolina

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On the ground in North Carolina, Emilio live-streamed a protest against House Bill 318, a bill signed into law on October 28, 2015 by Governor McCrory that prohibits the use of community IDs created for undocumented immigrants and prohibits sanctuary city ordinances.  Article: McCrory signs controversial immigration bill


3 Things I Regret Not Asking From Allies and My Community As An (Un)documented and Queer Activist

By: #DSAlumni Alan Pelaez Lopez


My Health Shouldn’t Have a Price Tag — DACA Youth Turned Away from Medi-Cal

By: #DSAlumni Miguel Bibanco


How I Was Locked Out of Healthcare as a Trans Immigrant

By: #DSAlumni Julián Cancino


#DSAlumni Manuel Castro selected as new Executive Director of New Immigrant Community Empowerment (NICE)



#DSAlumni Yves Gomes selected for Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance’s National Executive Board, the Youngest Ever Elected and First Undocumented Person to Serve on Executive Board



#DSAlumni Lorella Praeli plays key role in Clinton campaign as Latino Outreach Director



#DSAlumni Chando Kem Highlighted in Fight to Raise Minimum Wage in the City of Long Beach & Talks Relationships and Dating Post-DACA

Raise Minimum Wage in Long Beach https://shar.es/150C9M

Relationships & Dating Post-DACA: https://shar.es/150Ytx


#DSAlumni Julio Salgado Reimagines Classic TV Shows to Include Diverse Casts



#DSAlumni Maggie and Manny on German Radio



#DSAlumni Carlos Rojas Alvarez from Massachusetts speaks on vote:

The Massachusetts state Board of Higher Education voted October 27, 2015 to clear the way for immigrant students with limited legal status in the United States to be eligible for a state merit scholarship for the first time


#DSAlumni Emilio Vicente from North Carolina speaks on status:

Undocumented Students in North Carolina Face Federal, Local, Financial Aid Shortage


#DSAlumni Cuahuctemoc Salinas & Madeleine Villanueva speak on undocumented student issues on UC campuses



#DSAlumni Vlad Stoicescu Ghica and other undocumented students call on UC to address unfulfilled commitments



This summer camp just churned out 80 activists”

By: Kate Linthicum, Los Angeles Times



Dream Summer program seeks to cultivate future immigrant rights leaders”

By: Free Speech Radio News