UCLA Labor Center

Video: Global Solidarity

Andrea Galvez, UFCW-Canada at El Super picket December4, 2014 640x378

This short video introduces how workers across borders, from Mexico, Canada and the US are banding together.  Visiting leaders form Mexico and Canada joined a picket line in front of El Super #13, an American grocery chain owned by a Mexican conglomerate.  United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 770 organized the event last December in conjunction with a two day event hosted by the UCLA Labor Center “Solidarity from the Ground Up: An Organizers’ Tri-national Exchange.” Representatives from the agricultural, energy, steel, mining, recycling, and auto parts industries shared strategies and promoted a culture of unity among trade unionists.
The Institute for Transnational Social Change (ITSC), a project of the UCLA Labor Center’s Global Solidarity, coordinated the delegation. ITSC serves as a hub for cross-border collaboration among independent unions, worker centers, NGOs, and academic research centers. Global Solidarity aims to increase opportunities for low-wage workers to access programs that promote leadership development, conduct health and safety trainings, and build organizational capacity.
The video highlights members of this international delegation, many of whom have been organizing across borders for decades. Their pledge of solidarity has a multiplier effect, linking local struggles by strengthening ties across the globe.
[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/egQCPq138dE”]