UCLA Labor Center

Gloria Chan

Student Affairs Officer

Phone: 310-206-0812

Gloria describes herself as a citizen of the world. Originally from Colombia, she moved to Los Angeles where she developed an interest in learning about the world. This passion led her to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in International Development Studies at UCLA. She was part of the Transfer Summer Program and participated in the Undergraduate Research Scholars Program where she conducted research on Chinese Immigrant Labor in the construction of Panama’s railroad and canal.

Looking for international experience, Gloria joined UCLA’s Education Abroad Program in Beijing. She also pursued a MBA focused on Strategic Management from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, where she was involved with the Erasmus Student Network (the biggest student organization in Europe) and promoted student development and cultural diversity. Before her current position, she worked as the Global Training Programs Coordinator at Google where she supported career and professional development programs.

As the Student Services Advisor for the Labor Studies Major and Minor, she is enthusiastic to share her experience with students and guide them in achieving their goals. She believes in a holistic approach to student advising; one that encompasses academic, career, and personal counseling for students. Besides providing academic advising to students, she manages the Labor Studies undergraduate programs, the Labor Summer Research Program, course scheduling, graduate student hiring, event planning, and student outreach.