UCLA Labor Center

Researching Non-Profits

Workshop Description: Non-profit does not mean small, innocent, or labor strife free. Data sources and corporate financial filings for non-profits differ substantially from for-profit firms. This workshop, taught by Julie Serfass, research director from AFT, will teach you how to

Basics of Sectoral Research

Workshop Description: BEGINNER LEVEL TRACK. Understanding your target company is not enough. In this class, you will learn how to take a step back from the company financials and look at the big picture. Goetz Wolff, the professor of UCLA’s
Corporate Power Research 101

Corporate Power Research 101

Workshop Description: In this workshop, the leader will walk through how a company is organized and who is in charge. In this session, we will first identify how a company is organized. From there, we will walk through how to

Strategic Campaign Planning

Workshop Description: BEGINNER LEVEL TRACK. In this workshop, Vasudha Desikan of the Center for Responsible Lending will teach you the fundamentals of strategic comprehensive campaign planning. You will learn the differences between strategy and tactics, how to escalate, how to

Researching Individuals

Workshop Description: Researching individuals can be complex, especially in small business environments where other forms of documentation are limited and firms can be relatively opaque. This workshop will instruct participants on how to investigate people and develop an escalation plan

Geographic Mapping

Workshop Description: Powerful maps can move people in ways that tables of data cannot. In this skills-based workshop, Grace Regullano of the Sunrise Project (former UTLA Strategic Research & Analytics Director) will teach you how to make maps with different

Financial Analysis

Workshop Description: Financial analysis is a useful tool for organizing. It contributes to the identification of key relationships, profit centers, and growth strategies that drive company decision making. Organizers who understand the connections that allow a company to operate, the

Researching Money in California Politics

Workshop Description: Elections across the country are getting more expensive every year, and understanding how to track the money in elections and its potential impacts on public policymaking has never been more important. In this session, Pete Quist of OpenSecrets