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May Day Photo Roundup

This year’s May Day celebrated workers and called for an end to family separation. Under the banner of “Keep Families Together,” thousands of community advocates, and immigrant, labor, economic justice, faith, student, and immigrant rights organizations in Los Angeles marched for worker rights and immigrant justice.

Here are some photos from the day.

UCLA students joined the march in full force:

UCLA Labor Center with our students at the May Day march!!

Photo: Victor Narro


Nat Lowe spoke at the rally representing Chinatown Community for Equitable Development. He took this awesome selfie while on stage.

600 Nat Lowe - before speaking at march

Photo: Nat Lowe


Lola Smallwood Cuevas posted this photo with this message:

“Brothers Rev. Sauls and Ryan Smith holding it down May Day 2014!
Equity for LA’s labor market, quality full employment for our people and not 1 more deportation!
Si se puede!”

600 Lola Smallwood Cuevas - Rev Sauls and Ryan Smith

Photo: Lola Smallwood Cuevas, Los Angeles Black Worker Center



Kent Wong getting interviewed after his speech at the march.







Victor Narro and Tia Koonse from the UCLA Labor Center legal observing for the day.

With a great legal observer, lawyer and colleague Tia Koonse!! #MayDay2014

Photo: Victor Narro


The queer contingent holds it down strong, calling on President Obama to stop deportations and standing up for immigrant, worker, and queer rights.

600 Ronnie Veliz - queer contingent

Photo: Ronnie Veliz


“My name is Valeria De La Luz and I am a Trans Latina marching with the MayDay Queer Contingent because these are my first hours of freedom and I believe in stopping all deportations. I was released last night from immigration detention and there are still too many LGBTQ community members like Yordy Cancino and Alex Aldana in detention. Let’s free Yordy and Alex!”

600 Ronnie Veliz - Valeria De La Luz

Photo: Ronnie Veliz


600 Ronnie Veliz - queer contingent small group

Photo: Ronnie Veliz