UCLA Labor Center

Mayra A. Varillas Cilia

Research Analyst

Mayra A. Varillas Cilia is a Research Analyst at the UCLA Labor Center, playing a key role in evaluating the High Road Training Partnerships for the California Workforce Development Board. With over 5 years of consulting experience, Mayra specializes in quantitative and mixed-method research projects, particularly those leveraging data to drive social change, especially in immigration contexts. One notable project involved her leadership in a youth program for the Central American Resource Center (CARECEN), where she taught high school students research methodologies.

Before joining the Labor Center, Mayra served as a Decision Scientist at The Walt Disney Company. In this role, her focus was on using data to inform decision-making for content creation (ESPN+ original content), consumer product analysis, and financial analysis of streaming services (Disney+, ESPN+, Hulu).

Additionally, Mayra was a Dream Summer Fellow in 2020 and 2021, placed with the Garment Worker Center (GWC) and the Undocumented Student-Led Network (USN). These experiences were pivotal, providing insights into the intersections between data, policy, advocacy, and leadership. Mayra earned a dual BS in Applied Mathematics and Statistics from UCLA.