UCLA Labor Center

Round Up of Recent Media Hits

In case you missed it – Here are some highlights from news stories in the past month that have featured the UCLA Labor Center’s research and work.


LA Times – Few California Workers Win Back Pay in Wage-Theft Cases

The LA Times featured Noe Flores, a restaurant worker who didn’t receive pay for over two months while working at the popular Flying Pig restaurant. His story is just one of thousands of workers across the state who struggle to collect their back pay in wage theft cases.  For more, see the Los Angeles Coalition Against Wage Theft or the California Fair Paycheck Coalition. Read More.

LA Times – Perez and Garcetti Take Aim at Wage Theft, Minimum Wage

LA mayor Eric Garcetti and U.S. Secretary of Labor Tom Perez met on Cesar Chavez day to speak at the Plaza United Methodist Church downtown on wage theft and raising the minimum wage. Read More.

LA Times – State Senate Bill Targets Businesses That Fail to Pay Employees

New state Senate legislation led by Pro Tem Kevin De Leon aims to give the California Labor Commissioner more tools to collect back wages from wage theft violators. Read More.


Asian Journal – New Study Finds Severe Toll on Mental Health of Undocumented Immigrant Youth

Asian Journal reports on the Dream Resource Center’s new study Pol[ICE] in my Head. This latest segment in the Undocumented and Uninsured study investigates how the threat of policing and deportation takes a toll on the mental health of undocumented youth. Read More.

KPCC – Undocumented Youth in California Face Challenges to Mental Health Care, Survey Finds

KPCC’s Take Two highlights Dream Resource Center’s Undocumented and Uninsured report in a discussion with research coordinator Alma Leyva on the issue of unchecked mental health among undocumented youth in California. Listen here.


ATVN – African American Labor Workers Rally for Equal Employment Rights

The Los Angeles Black Worker Center released data on black worker employment on Los Angeles construction sites. They make the case that black workers deserve equal opportunity on the job. Read More.

These are just selects of the center’s recent coverage. See more of the UCLA Labor Center in the news.