UCLA Labor Center

No One Size Fits All: Worker Organization, Policy, and Movement in a New Economic Age

This volume brings together stories of innovative efforts that are being made to improve working conditions across the country, while acknowledging the structural dynamics that challenge and condition them in twenty-first century America. The title, No One Size Fits All, is both intended to capture the diverse strategic narrative of workers’ rights campaigns and to stand as a corrective to the idea that there is a single organizational model or strategy.

While there is a great deal of experimentation we have not covered, we hope that what is documented in this book demonstrates the breadth and depth of the creative search for leverage that has been taking place across space and time. We hope that it does justice to the continual craft, test and to recraft strategy and tactics that is continually enacted by unions, worker centers, economic justice coalitions, community organizing groups, and partner research, legal advocacy, policy organizations and allied elected officials.

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