UCLA Labor Center

Geographic Mapping

Workshop Description: Powerful maps can move people in ways that tables of data cannot. In this skills-based workshop, Grace Regullano of the Sunrise Project (former UTLA Strategic Research & Analytics Director) will teach you how to make maps with different


Workshop Description: Each year, state and local governments spend over $3.5 trillion procuring goods and services. While the outsourcing of core work functions continues to be a challenge for public sector unions, this massive amount of tax payer money also

Intro to Strategic Corporate Research

Workshop Description: BEGINNER LEVEL TRACK. Come and learn the basics of what strategic corporate research entails with Chad Gray, UniServ Director at the Washington Education Association and former Research Coordinator at the Workers Defense Project. In this workshop you will

Supply Chain Strategies

Workshop Description: Input or finished good supply chains, as well as the third party contractors and vendors involved, are a key aspect of corporate strategy. Seeking to understand the chain of control for a specific commodity or product, as well

California Labor Policy Strategies

Workshop Description: In this strategy discussion with the California Labor Federation, Caitlin Vega and Chloe Osmer will discuss the ways in which California labor has worked on policy with strategic campaigns in the past. What policies have worked and which

Moving from Research to Campaign

Workshop Description: So you have finished your profile, have a robust analysis of an industry or company and recommendations for how to move forward with a campaign. Now what? Too often, as strategic researchers in labor, we give a presentation

Power Analysis

Workshop Description: Learn power analysis from the organization which revolutionized the way we think about power in campaign planning. Gloria Medina, Executive Director of SCOPE, will walk you through the power analysis and power mapping process. The Power Analysis is

Private Equity/Firm Behavior

Workshop Description: Over 11 million American workers toil away in firms bought up by private equity in leveraged buyouts. Mysterious and impenetrable, private equity firms shield their portfolio companies from research analysis and put very little of their own money

Webscraping as an Organizing Tool

Workshop Description: Labor researchers with a command of webscraping skills can harness the power of computer processing to save hours and unlock vast troves of data. In this workshop, Mellissa Chang of Rank and File Research will teach you how


Workshop Description: PRAs and FOIAs are much more than mere sources of information, and can open opportunities for further organizing and other innovative forms of pressure on management. Ingrid Eagly and Emi MacLean will walk you through the PRA and