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Plan de Acción para Atender las Necesidades Educativas De Familias Indígenas Migrantes


El propósito de este informe es encontrar acciones comunitarias para ayudar a los estudiantes de origen indígena mexicano y sus padres a alcanzar sus metas educativas.

The Binational Farm Worker Rebellion: Interviews with Farm Worker Union Leaders


David Bacon interviews three farm worker leaders in anticipation of UCLA Labor Center tri-natinal labor conference.

Your Liberation Is Linked to Ours


In this study, David Bacon focuses on five global campaigns: the PKC Maquiladora in Ciudad Acuña; the “El Super” Campaign in Los Angeles and Mexico City; the Cananea Mine in Sonora, Mexico; farmworker strikes in San Quintin, Baja California; and the Sakuma Farms/Driscoll growers in Washington State.

The State of Labor 20 Years after NAFTA


A report by David Bacon on the perspectives of labor leaders from Mexico, the United States, and Canada on international solidarity and the future of labor.

Juntas de Conciliación y Arbitraje en México


This document seeks to analyze the role that the Conciliation and Arbitration (JCyA) play in the control system of the working class. For this purpose briefly examines the history of the relationship between the Mexican state and the working class, to shed light on the various forms of control over the class at different stages also considered within this time dimension some characteristics of the formation Power in Mexico

Building a Culture of Cross-Border Solidarity


The interests of workers in the U.S. and Mexico are tied together. This report discusses and questions how solidarity between these two countries can and do function.

Integrated Organizing Approach as a Tool in the Fight for Workers Rights: The Case of Sara Lee Workers


The Integrated Organizing Approach (IOA) is an organizing method for low-wage workers engaged in struggles against multinational corporations. The case presented in this study demonstrates how the IOA can be a substantial asset for an organization in the design and execution of successful campaign strategies.