UCLA Labor Center

Q&A with Artist: Angélica Becerra

By Janel Preciado and Citlalli Chávez | July 12, 2017

Each year, the UCLA Labor Center commissions an artist to create a poster for the UCLA Labor Center banquet. This year, local artist, scholar, and artivist Angélica Becerra created the unique poster design showcased at the banquet back in May. We interviewed Angélica to learn more about her work, activism, and inspiration.

2017 UCLA Labor Center banquet poster created by Angélica Becerra.

“I identify as a pansexual Chicana artivist, and with that comes a responsibility to make work that honors all of these parts.”

What is your creative process?

Most of my portraits begin with research, learning about the activist I’m painting influences which colors I choose. Then, I sketch and paint a watercolor portrait, scan it, and add a quote that I feel best represents their vision of social justice. I wholeheartedly believe in my work as a healing salve and self-care practice, as well as a way to preserve a queer activist politics alive.