UCLA Labor Center

Q&A with UCLA Student Researchers: Vina Nguyen and Monica Macias

UCLA Student Researcher Vina Nguyen

Vina: We contributed our unique quantitative and qualitative skills to the report. I created fielding updates about the status of survey-taking, maintained the survey database, and wrote literature reviews. Monica ran data analyses and helped in coding variables and cleaning data. We both helped in the report writing and editing process.

Monica: Similar to my experience, nearly half of the workers who were surveyed wanted to work more hours. Without enough hours, workers do not have stable incomes and 1 in 2 workers has trouble paying bills. The report revealed to us how a lack of consistent hours deeply disrupts the lives of retail workers who are just trying to get by and support their families.

UCLA Student Researcher Monica Macias

Monica: We hope that this report will push politicians to implement fair scheduling policies in Los Angeles’ retail industry that will stabilize worker hours and ultimately protect and invest in laborers and their families. Such policies have already been implemented in many cities and states across the nation, and Los Angeles has an opportunity to not only catch up to other cities and states, but to implement a bolder policy model for this growing movement.