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Re:Work Podcast

Re:Work is a women-led radio show and podcast that spotlights the voices of workers, immigrants, and people of color.

Re:Work also trains community producers and students in multimedia story production. The project includes curriculum and educational tools that use stories to learn about work.

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Let’s Rethink Work

Most of us work for a living. Sometimes our jobs take us through hell and back, sometimes they bore us to tears, and sometimes they give us a reason to keep going.

Meanwhile, jobs are becoming more and more scarce, temporary, and low-paying. From the gardener landscaping mansions to the security guard on the graveyard shift to the car wash worker making just tips—all these workers have stories about how they got there, and how they get by despite all odds.

Re:Work believes that it’s time to hear from workers who don’t often make it into the spotlight—and change the future of work. Using the power of stories, Re:Work challenges, expands and enlightens the way we see (or don’t see) work.