UCLA Labor Center

Dream Summer Labor Cohort Video



The Dream Summer Labor Cohort video highlights immigrant youth that were placed at key labor organizations during their Dream Summer fellowship in order to further a vision of an intersectional labor movement that sees worker rights as immigrant rights. The cohort’s mission is to help build the next generation of labor movement leaders and allies by providing them with the training that makes use of lived experiences and expertise in labor. The cohort is part of a series of cohorts that take on different aspects that affect the immigrant community.

As the Dream Resource Center, we’re proud to say that for eight years the Dream Summer fellowship continues to build the next generation of immigrant rights leaders through professional and leadership development, the creation of safe and healing spaces, and utilization of an intersectional, intergenerational and cross-racial framework to address issues impacting immigrant communities.

Join us in uplifting the next generation of Immigrant youth that continue to be at the frontlines of justice for our immigrant communities. Please help us share the fellow and host organization applications, and don’t forget to view our latest video the 2017 Dream Summer Video!