UCLA Labor Center


The Labor and Workplace Studies Minor believes that by transforming your education, you can transform your community. Combining rigorous coursework with diverse field placements, we bring ideas and action together to reinforce student learning. Every year, we place over three hundred students into internships and service-learning opportunities with community organizations, unions, and public service organizations.

By critically analyzing the theory and practice of current workplace issues, students develop a deeper understanding of the relationships between their education and society at large and how they, as college graduates, can transform the nature of work.

  • Labor Studies Minor Courses provide students with applied research skills and high quality academic coursework on the current and future state of work in the US and abroad.
  • The Labor Summer Research Internship Program (LSRIP) is an applied research internship for students to develop research methodology skills within the context of a local social justice organization.
  • Service-Learning opportunities offered through the Labor and Workplace Minor engage students with professionals, community activists, and the public to gain critical perspectives on the minor’s core subjects.
  • The Engaged Research Portal provides students with resources and tools to support data and research literacy students, workers, and activists.

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