UCLA Labor Center

Los Angeles Black Worker Center

Currently over 50 percent of working age Black adults are unemployed or under employed in LA County.

Everyone in LA is having a hard time in this economy, but for black workers, things are a lot tougher. This is why Black leaders from every sector have come together to create the Los Angeles Black Worker Center. BWC is the only place in the nation where organized labor, workers, scholars, students and community are focused on reversing the Black jobs crisis through action and unionization.

What We Do

The Labor Center launched the Los Angeles Black Worker Center in 2010; in 2014, it became an independent organization and is in the process of establishing 501(c)3 status.

The Los Angeles Black Worker Center develops organized power and authentic grassroots leadership among Black workers (unionized, non-union, immigrant, formerly incarcerated and the unemployed) and the extended community to reverse the disproportionate levels of unemployment and underemployment in the Los Angeles Black community. The center’s key strategies are: leadership development of workers, research, and building strategic alliances between the Los Angeles labor movement and the Black community for action in collective campaigns.