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Empowering Immigrant Youth & Allies Since 2010

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The UCLA Dream Resource Center (DRC), a program team of the UCLA Labor Center, trains the next generation of diverse leaders—immigrant youth and allies with lived experiences—to be at the forefront of social justice movements and achieve equity and justice for workers, their families, and communities.


Founded to support immigrant youth and allies after the U.S. Senate failed to pass the federal DREAM Act in 2010, the UCLA Dream Resource Center is a leading pioneer that continues to provide emerging leaders a safe and empowering space to create impactful social, policy, and narrative change via research, leadership development, and placements within the immigrant rights, social justice, and labor movements. Graduates of the DRC’s fellowships join a growing, nationwide network of leaders who work to address the multitude of intersectional issues impacting the immigrant community.

Foundational Beliefs

The UCLA Dream Resource Center is rooted in the following beliefs:

  1. Everyone deserves the right to learn, be healthy, and pursue their dreams, regardless of their immigration status.
  2. Anyone can be a leader and make positive social change in their communities.
  3. Black liberation and racial justice must be at the center of the immigrant rights movement.
  4. Those who are directly impacted by injustice must be listened to and lead when they can.
  5. Allyship is an active, consistent, and arduous practice of learning and re-evaluation. It is not an identity, but a lifelong process of building trust and accountability.


Major Projects

Dream Summer Fellowship

Dream Summer is a 10-week national summer fellowship that empowers immigrant youth and allies to be the next generation of social justice leaders through leadership and professional development, intersectional movement building, and on-the-ground experience in community-based and social justice organizations.

Immigrant Justice Fellowship

The Immigrant Justice Fellowship is a 12-month California-based fellowship that provides emerging leaders organizing and advocacy experience in the immigrant rights movement. Fellows are placed with on-the-ground organizations that address the criminalization of immigrants and health and wellness issues.

Undocumented Stories

Undocumented Stories is a multimedia exhibit that highlights the stories of undocumented immigrants who have built a movement to change policies impacting higher education, access to healthcare, and deportation proceedings.

Past Projects

Past projects of the UCLA Dream Resource Center provided immigrant youth and allies the opportunity to lead research, address healthcare access, and combat against anti-immigrant rhetoric:


Alumni Network

Sustaining social change requires people power! The DRC Alumni Network uplifts, connects, and channels the collective power of over 750 alumni across the nation. The network aims to continue personal, professional, and leadership development for alumni.

DRC Alumni Council

The DRC Alumni Council provides guidance to the DRC Alumni Network and supports the efforts of the DRC staff team.

DRC Alumni Network

The DRC Alumni Network is connected through a listserv and Facebook Group where members share information, resources, and opportunities with one another. If you are an alum that needs to be added to the listserv and/or Facebook Group, please contact us.


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