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Dream Summer Alumni Network

Since its groundbreaking launch in 2011, Dream Summer, the Dream Resource Center’s national ten-week fellowship program, has partnered with various social justice organizations across the country to provide over 500 fellowship opportunities to immigrant youth and allies. From grassroots, direct-action organizing to stop the mass incarceration and deportation of our immigrant communities, to fighting for the liberation of our LGBTQ-identified brothers and sisters, Dream Summer alumni are creating change at the local, state, and national level.

The Dream Summer Alumni Network uplifts, connects, and channels the collective power of Dream Summer alumni across the country.

To guide this work, as well as lead continued personal, professional, and leadership development for our alumni, is the inaugural Dream Summer Alumni Network Council.

Dream Summer Alumni Network Council

  • IMG_7941
    Hareth Andrade-Ayala
    Dream Summer ’11, ’12, ’13

    Crescencio Calderon

    Dream Summer ’13
  • IMG_7933

    Justino Mora
    Dream Summer ’11, ’12

    Trina Lei Pasumbal

    Dream Summer ’14
  • IMG_7947

    Italia Aranda

    Dream Summer ’13

    Alejandro Jimenez

    Dream Summer ’14

Dream Summer Alumni Spotlight

Dream Summer Alumni Spotlight

Dream Summer Alumni Spotlight: Yara Al Mazouni

Alumni Videos

  • healthyca alumni video

    HealthyCA Cohort Alumni 2015

    Elvia Rios and Daniela Guerrero
  • alumni labor video

    Labor Cohort Alumni 2015

    Paola Tirado, Amy Yu, Jack Suria Linares, Claudia Rueda
  • Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 4.22.17 PM

    General Dream Summer Alumni

    Angelica Hernandez, Marco Antonio Quiroga, Steve Li

Articles by Alumni 

Articles by Alumni 



Alumni Highlights