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Sustaining social change requires people power! The DRC Alumni Network uplifts, connects, and channels the collective power of close to 850 alumni across the nation. The network aims to continue personal, professional, and leadership development for alumni.

The DRC Alumni Network is connected through a listserv and Facebook Group where members share information, resources, and opportunities with one another. If you are an alum that needs to be added to the listserv and/or Facebook Group, please contact us at dreamresourcecenter@gmail.com.



The DRC Alumni Council is a resource and decision-making body that guides the DRC’s Alumni Network and advises the DRC staff team on programmatic priorities. The Council also leads professional and leadership development for alumni, while supporting and mentoring current DRC fellows. The 2021-2022 DRC Alumni Council members are Daniela Vega, Denise Panaligan, Eva-Vera Kouassi, Flor Silvestre, Gaby Gil, Maria Ortiz Pineda, Maria Yepez, and Sumana Kaluvai.


Alumni Videos

  • healthyca alumni video

    HealthyCA Cohort Alumni 2015

    Elvia Rios and Daniela Guerrero
  • alumni labor video

    Labor Cohort Alumni 2015

    Paola Tirado, Amy Yu, Jack Suria Linares, Claudia Rueda
  • Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 4.22.17 PM

    General Dream Summer Alumni

    Angelica Hernandez, Marco Antonio Quiroga, Steve Li

Articles by Alumni 

Alumni Spotlight

Dream Summer Alumni Spotlight: Yara Al Mazouni

Articles by Alumni

Articles by Alumni 


Alumni Highlights


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