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UCLA Summer Session C 
Aug. 7th – Sep. 15th, 2017

Program Information: Students will engage in applied research experience focused on the social, economic, and political impacts of ride-hailing (Lyft, Uber) and taxi industries in Los Angeles. Examination of how drivers and customers understand their employment and rider experiences through UCLA Labor Center research project participation. Guest lecturers from labor unions, worker organizations, and agencies share current organizing and policy initiatives focused on this growing workforce.

Research orientation trains students in qualitative (interview and field observation) and quantitative (survey implementation) applied research methodologies used by researchers and scholars in labor relations and workplace studies. Through lectures, key readings, and active research initiative participation, students develop understanding of critical debates about roles of research and policy as they relate to Los Angeles workers and consumers participating in gig economy.

For more information, please contact:
Gloria Chan
Bunche Hall 9244 | (310) 206-0812
UCLA Labor & Workplace Studies