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Welcome! The UCLA Labor & Workplace Studies program has created this space to support data and research-literacy for students, workers, and activists. We believe that knowledge should be accessible, and that research should empower the communities to actualize change. The Engaged Research portal is organized to explain the application and utility of different research methodologies. Within the portal, you will be able to access featured campaigns and student work that illustrates the innovation and power of engaged research. In an effort to support all members of the academic community, we also designed a space for undergraduate students that need help navigating the graduate school application process. The faculty portal is supportive of faculty who are seeking to include engaged research projects within their classroom curriculum, as we wish to assist one another in this process.

The Engaged Research portal exemplifies our commitment to a critical research approach; one in which researchers address issues of inequity and are aware of their responsibility to impacted community members. The Engaged Research portal espouses these values. The research projects featured in this portal improve working conditions for a more just and equitable society.

Engage. Research. CHANGE.


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