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Become an Engaged Partner

The UCLA Labor & Workplace Studies Minor program invites you to engage with UCLA students to support your important work with the community.  To facilitate our future partnership, this page outlines the following: 1) how students can engage with your organization; 2) your responsibilities as a partner; and the 3) application process.  

Should you have any questions about the process, please contact the Student Programming Coordinator, Elizabeth Espinoza.  Elizabeth can be reached via e-mail (eespinoz@ucla.edu) or phone 323.810.7642. 

Types of Partnerships

Academic Internships

UCLA student interns are placed in a supervised setting and work with a community agency (i.e., labor union, non-profit organization, etc.) to support issues relating to low-wage working families and communities.  Academic internships are available every quarter (click here to access the UCLA academic calendar) for the duration of 10 weeks. UCLA students can receive academic credit by enrolling in an Internship Contract Course, titled “Community Internship” (course number LBR&WS 195B) for 2-5 fixed units.  The hours worked are respective to the fixed units of the course (see below).   Please note that total hours worked by the student also include mandatory check-in meetings with the site coordinator.  For example, if the student is taking the course for two units (40 hours a quarter for a 10 week duration), the student is working four hours per week.  The student will typically meet with the site coordinator for one hour once a week, and will complete three hours of work for the organization.  

Interns are in a supervised setting and work with a community agency (i.e., labor union, non-profit organization, etc.) that works on issues relating to low-wage working families and communities.  

Please note the following about the course:

  • Students can receive either a letter grade or a Pass/No Pass credit for participating in the internship

  • The format of the course is tutorial, meaning students meet with the instructor and provide periodic written reports about their experience. 

  • The course may be repeated for credit

  • Individual contract with supervising faculty member is required

  • Placements will be arranged by the student programming coordinator (see contact information below).  

  • The work done by the student is respective to the number of units taken, so that:

    • 2 units = 40 hours per quarter (10 week duration)

    • 3 units = 60 hours per quarter (10 week duration)

    • 4 units = 80 hours per quarter (10 week duration) 

    • 5 untis = 100 hours per quarter (10 week duration)

  • The organization will keep a time log of the students activities.  You can download the form here LBRWS Internship Time Log Sheet.  The student will submit their time log to their instructor per the syllabus.  

Service Learning Placements and Activities

The UCLA Labor Studies Minor program offers courses in which students are provided with the opportunity to learn through active participation.  If you believe your organization can offer students the opportunity to work on a thoughtfully organized research, event, or project pertaining to the mission and scope of the Labor and Workplace Studies minor (click here to learn more about the Labor & Workplace Studies Minor  program), we would be happy to facilitate such a partnership.  Please note that students can be involved for a couple hour or days supporting and/or attending the organizational event or project.  Students can spend a maximum of 8 weeks (40 hours) on a project during the quarter (during weeks 2-9).  


Your non-profit organization can register with the UCLA Volunteer Center (click here to access the UCLA Volunteer Center) and recruit volunteers for an event or ongoing community service project.  In addition, as the UCLA Labor Center we can nominate your event for the annual volunteer day or the One Bust One Cause volunteer efforts (click here and here for more information about the two campus-wide volunteer projects).  Please note the following requirements for your organization:

  • Site must be able to accommodate 50+ UCLA volunteers

  • All 50+ volunteers much have a full 3-4 hours worth of work to complete

  • The nominator (that’s us, the UCLA Labor Center) will serve as the Project Leader or Task Captain to lead the site project, so we’ll be collaborating with your organization prior and up until the event.

  • A representative from the site must be available to provide a welcome to the volunteers on the importance about the work that they are going to complete for the project/event. 

Off-Campus Work-Study Employment

Work Study is a federally subsidized hourly-wage job program in which non-profit organizations can register to employ students.  This is a great way to subsidize costs for an organization and support students that are in need of financial aid.  To illustrate, if your organization hires a student at $10.00 per hour, $5.00 will be subsidized from the federal government and the net cost for your organization will be $5.00 per hour.  Please note that paid internships are not subject to academic quarterly calendar and can provide our students with much-need financial support.  Once you are a registered organization with the federally funded work-study program, we can help recruit student employees through our respective listservs.   You can register for the program through the following links:

Application Process

We are so excited that you want to provide students with opportunities to engage with your organization, and appreciate your time and commitment to training the next generation of labor and social justice leaders!  In order to ensure that your organization is a good fit for the UCLA Labor & Workplace Studies program, please fill out the intake form respective of the type of activity you would like to engage with:

  1. To host an academic internship, please click here to fill out the academic internship intake form.

  2. To host a volunteer event/project, please click here to fill out the volunteer intake form

A staff person for the UCLA Labor Program will contact you shortly after you complete the form.  If you have any questions or need additional support please contact Elizbeth Espinoza via phone (323-810-7642) or e-mail (espinoza@irle.ucla.edu).