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We believe that knowledge  should be accessible and research should empower communities to actualize change. Researchers addressing critical issues for and with communities should understand their role as well as their limitations, and biases. As such, engaging in research necessitates a critical reflective process.

The Engaged Research portal exemplifies research that we believe espouses these values.  The research projects featured in the portal are utilized to not only advance knowledge on a particular subject, but are also tools to  improve conditions and empower communities.  Below are three spaces that you explore in relation to engaged research studies: (1)  Community Research are projects that utilize qualitative and quantitative data to demonstrate challenges experienced by historically marginalized populations, these studies offer different tools and resources for impacted communities; (2) Student Research are student research portfolios that illustrate how students examined data and the ways in which they present their findings for class presentations; and (3) Research in Process contains tools, resources and more sample presentations to help you present your research.  

The UCLA Institute for Research on Labor and Employment and the UCLA Labor Center also conducts significant, engaged research projects.  You can utilize the links below to access research reports and publications.  


Community Research

Student Research

Research in Process

Research Reports and Publications

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