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Narrative Analysis in (and) Action!

Explore the ways in which researchers’ utilize narrative analysis to present research findings, the implications of the research, and the diverse forms of narrative analysis utilized.

I am a #YoungWorker

I am a #YoungWorker is a multimedia research project that combines data, worker narratives, and images by and for young people. It gets to the core of what young workers face today– their struggles, their dreams, and their hopes for the future. The culmination of participatory student-led research over the past year, this report analyzes over 550 surveys of young workers across Los Angeles county. You can  download the report here.

Click here to listen to the worker’s stories and the way in which images and audio data illustrate the workers experiences.

You can also watch the way in which data was animated in the #YoungWorker video 

[youtube id=”Pno6eWtjFgI”]

Visual Analysis- Selfies

In her talk about “Selfies”, Elizabeth A. Urbanski covers the fascinating and sometimes puzzling phenomenon of publicly posted instant self portraits snapped on cell phones, and examines these self edited pictures through an art historian’s lens and attempt to categorize and analyze as well as understand them in relationship to works significant to Western art history.

[youtube id=”2Kk9R2rhwlQ”]

 Storytellers in Motions

Storytellers in Motion documents the evolution of indigenous images in cinema and television though the life experiences and works of directors, producers, writers and actors and examines the works of selected Aboriginal films and filmmakers. Their voices come from the indigenous cultures of Canada and New Zealand. Their tools are the communications technologies of the 21st Century.

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/GRk-E_bNIyc”]