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The Geographic Information System (GIS) software is used for creating, compiling, analyzing, sharing, and utilizing geographic data.  In addition to introducing the ArcGIS software, this page features an easy to follow tutorial developed by UCLA Labor Center (please note that you will need access to ArcGIS to complete the tutorial, you can download a free 30 day trial here). ArcGIS supports the comilation of geographic data, spatial  analysis of multiple data sources, and management of geographic data.

                Reviewing GIS Basics                       Introduction to ArcGIS Server                        ArcGIS hacks

Applying ArcGIS:  Your Tutorial

Welcome to your tutorial!  This video series will guide you through utilizing ArcGIS, compiling diverse data sets, and help you edit your map to better showcase your data.

More specifically, the tutorial explores the following research question:  What is the average (mean) income for cities in Orange County?  The census data demonstrates that the average income for Orange County is XYZ. However, for the purposes of our research, is this the case for all cities in orange county?  The tutorial compiles spatial and census data to help us understand how income is distributed for Orange County.

You will find the data files and websites used for the tutorial to the left of the video. Happy ArcGIS Researching!

Step 1: Understanding the ArcGIS Interface


Step 3: Compiling Spatial Data

Step 2: Understanding Data Sets


Step 4: Editing Your Map


Additional ArcGIS Resources: