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To Transform Your Community

The UCLA Institute for Research on Labor and Employment (IRLE) offers the Workplace and Labor Studies minor, providing an interdisciplinary and community-centered research program for its students.  Given IRLE’s mission statement and commitment to supporting research that translates theory to practice, the Workplace and Labor Studies program developed the Engaged Research website.  

The purpose of htis website is to provide you, the researcher, with the support you need to develop transformative research.  This website hosts a series of tutorials and resources that can facilitate interdisciplinary research– regardless of your technical ability.  We believe that everyone should have access to information and information should be presented in a manner that affirms the identities of our communities and values.  So go ahead– explore, share, and learn.  

Funding for this project was granted by the UCLA Committee on Instructional Improvement Programs (CIIP)  per the Office of Instructional Development.  We wish to thank the Committee on Instructional Programs for supporting the “Digging into Data: Supporting Data-Intensive UG Research” project that funded the pilot research program.  Financial support for the “Building a Young Worker Undergraduate Curriculum” has allowed us to update and expand the Engaged Research Portal.